"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy."

This is yet another Disney blog. I chose to create this blog because I was beginning to clog up my personal blog with so much Disney, that I was worried my followers were getting tired of it. After all, I didn't post as much Disney when they first followed me.

So, I invite you to once again enjoy a blog filled with all the magic of your childhood, adolescence, and future life to come. I hope you enjoy your trip down 33 Rue Royale.
Omg, look how open it used to be. Haha, now all that space is totally filled.
Humanized King Mickey, KH style.

dailyclassicdisney: where there’s beauty beyond your reach
I’m determined to learn Ma Belle Evangeline in French.

I have no idea why..D:

I like to make things hard on myself, I suppose.